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power plant 
9.4 MW

VOLTAGE performed a set of works on the design and construction of 9.4 MWp solar power plant as a General Contractor (EPC contractor).

To implement this project, the following construction and installation works were performed:

  • preparation of the construction site;

  • installation of an external fence;

  • execution of construction and installation works;

  • installation of PTS 2000/35 / 0.4 kVA (4 pcs.) and PTS 1600/35 / 0.4 kVA (1 pc.),considering the technological characteristics of high-power solar plants;

  • connection of a 35 kV switchgear for power transmission from PTS to the 35 kV electric grid;

  • installation of earthing and lightning overvoltage protection;

  • Solar power plant auxiliary power supply networks installation;

  • construction of an administrative and household complex with appropriate infrastructure

  • installation of a system for monitoring of SPP operation;

  • installation of Automated system of commercial electricity metering (ASCEM);

  • commissioning works;

  • preparation of executive documentation, and other documentation necessary for the project commissioning;

  • paperwork for NCRECP (for obtaining a license and establishing a "green" tariff).


Number of installed solar panels: 28320 pcs.

Number of installed inverters: 79 pcs., type "INGECON SUN 100 TL" of 100 kW.


Construction and installation works lasted 5 months. After completion of all construction and installation works and the solar plant commissioning, VOLTAGE provided its support in O&M.


Location of solar power plant: Vinnytsia region, Tomashpil district, Zholoby village


Project implementation date: 2019

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