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Power Plant
8.9 MW

VOLTAGE performed a set of works on the design and construction of a photovoltaic power plant, as a general contractor (EMF contractor) with a capacity of 8.9 MW in the village of Semipolky, Brovarsky District, Kyiv region. The customer of this construction was a Norwegian company-developer of solar energy projects - Norsk Solar, as well as their local partners from Ukraine. This project was financed, inter alia, by the International Finance Organization - NEFCO. This client had very high requirements for quality standards of work, as well as for the environmental component of the construction process of this project. The VOLTAGE team performed all work in strict accordance with customer requirements. After the completion of all construction works, as well as the commissioning of this project, VOLTAGE took this project into operation. 
According to the client's wishes, photo modules manufactured by Znshine were used for the construction of this project, as well as inverter equipment manufactured by HUAWEI.

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