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Rooftop solar power plant 393 kW in Vinnytsia region

VOLTAGE has completed a set of works on the implementation of the rooftop power plant project in Vinnytsia region:

  • Complex design of a rooftop solar power plant, which is located on the premises of an industrial refrigerator for storage of vegetables and fruits;

  • Supply of the entire complex of electrical equipment for construction: photomodules Ulica Solar (solar panels), cable and wire products, inverter equipment for a solar power plant manufactured by Huawei Sun.

  • Execution of a full complex of electrical installation works: laying of cables, installation of photomodules, installation and adjustment of inverter equipment;

  • Commissioning of the completed facility, and transfer of relevant executive documentation to the Customer.

View the completed project of an industrial solar power plant with a capacity of 8.9 MW in Kyiv region?

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