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It is not enough to simply design and build an energy facility. It is necessary to check its efficiency and good condition from time to time. This will save a lot of money in the long run and extend the lifetime of the facilities.

What is an energy audit?

Energy audit is a comprehensive inspection of buildings or structures for heat and energy costs. The service is aimed at optimizing possible costs, checking the actual or design characteristics of fencing structures and engineering systems, checking the serviceability of equipment.

Energy audit of the enterprise allows optimizing heat and energy costs of a facility, building, engineering systems, equipment. This increases the efficiency of the equipment + significantly saves money. By ordering such an inspection once a year, you can be sure that your equipment works best for you.


The purpose of the energy audit:

• assessment of energy efficiency;
• identification of the amount of energy consumption and the causes of energy          consumption;
• identification of possible ways to improve energy saving;
• assessment of the impact of available energy resources on the environment;
• development and implementation of measures to achieve cost savings.

VOLTAGE provides the following services:

      1. Audit and optimization of PV plant generation.

2. Audit and modernization of substations.

3. Audit and optimization of heat loss of buildings and facilities.

4. Audit and optimization of energy supply and consumption in buildings and facilities of any purpose.



Stages of energy audit 

1. Preliminary inspection of the object and obtaining the initial data.

2. Preparation of the technical task, providing a commercial offer to the customer.

3. Signing of the contract, detailed inspection of the object and analysis of technical and economic indicators.

4. Development of recommendations for optimizing the energy consumption of electricity and heat.

5. Providing commercial offer on the implementation of appropriate measures.



Why an energy audit should be trusted to VOLTAGE 

1. We carry out complex design and construction of facilities in the field of energy of any complexity.

2. Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive qualified technically and economically feasible solutions for optimizing heat and energy costs.

3. Voltage Group is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian energy market. This means that we can be trusted.

4. Own electrical measuring laboratory (EML) of  VOLTAGE  - gives us the opportunity to accurately and quickly find deviations in the operation of energy facilities. Also, EML is used during the scheduled inspection of power facilities, which are serviced by the VOLTAGE team.

5. Electrical work is performed by the VOLTAGE team.


Energy audit by Voltage Group is a professional and environmentally friendly solution that will allow you to effectively optimize heat and energy costs at any site.

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