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Renewable energy sources are a promising area of energy development. Every year, Ukraine involves millions of dollars for the construction of wind farms, solar power plants, and other renewable energy facilities. And these investments will only grow over the years. 

Why there are billions of investments in wind farms construction? 

1. Natural conditions 

The wind power plant in Ukraine is an extremely profitable project. This is due to favorable natural conditions that allow the placement of new powerful wind farms in our country, while the existing ones have long exceeded the mark of 706 MW. 

2. Government support 

In 2008, Ukraine joined the program for the development of alternative energy sources, and in 2009 adopted a law on "green tariff". Thus, wind energy has become much more profitable than traditional. 

3. Interest of foreign investors 

Due to climatic conditions, the payback period of wind power plants in Ukraine is shorter than in many European countries. Foreign investors understand this and are ready to make big investments in the development of renewable energy in our country. 

4. Development prospects 

Every year, society will become more environmentally conscious and, in the long run, will completely refuse traditional methods of energy production. 


What do we offer to investors? 

  • Development of recommendations to potential investors for site selection, type and capacity of wind farms. 

  • Information on existing available land plots for energy facilities. 

  • Assistance and support in obtaining permits, documents for ownership, construction, design, etc. 

  • Search for co-investors in the construction of wind farms. 

Why it is better to invest in wind energy with Voltage Group 

   1. We are one of the leaders in the design and construction of renewable energy 

      facilities in Ukraine. 

  2. Voltage Group is an official EPC contractor accredited by the State Eco-Bank of


  3. We take a comprehensive approach to the implementation of projects in the field 

      of renewable energy. 

  4. We cooperate with international technological partners on projects for energy

      storage (energy storage) - BESS - Battery Energy Storage System. 


Investing in wind farms with the Voltage Group is a reliable choice. Trusting us, you can be 100% sure that you are investing profitably. 

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