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                        HYDROGEN ENERGY ​

Hydrogen is the most common element on the surface of the Earth and space, which contains good energy consumption, and the product of its combustion is water. This sentence explains three reasons for the promotion of hydrogen energy and its development: 

  1. Compliance with environmental trends followed by modern society. 

  2. Extensive opportunities for use in the energy sector. 

  3. High profitability, because in addition to hydrogen itself, it is possible                 to reuse water. 

Today, hydrogen energy is one of the most promising areas in the development of the industry. This energy can be widely used in various fields: power supply of houses and enterprises, power supply of equipment and household appliances, power supply of electric vehicles. 

5 reasons to invest in hydrogen energy 

  1. A promising direction that will only develop over the years. Hydrogen energy, like solar energy, will become increasingly popular over the years. 

  2. Ukraine is a strategic partner of the EU in the implementation of the European Hydrogen Strategy. Therefore, every investor can count on significant support from the state. 

  3. According to the Foreign Ministry, Europe sees great potential in Ukraine in the production and transportation of hydrogen. Consequently, we have opportunities to attract capital from European investors. 

  4. State energy giants Naftogaz and Energoatom have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, according to which Ukraine must move to a circular hydrogen economy by 2050. 

  5. Bank of America estimates that investment in hydrogen energy will reach $ 11 trillion by 2050. 


Still wondering if it's worth investing? 


For more than 5 years, Voltage Group customers have been investing in the construction of renewable energy facilities, investing in promising industries. Every year, together with international partners, our company implements dozens of innovative projects in the field of renewable energy. And today we can assure you: Renewable energy is the future. 

Mankind is moving towards a complete transition to clean energy. That is why it is profitable to invest in it today to earn as much money as possible. 

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