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Lighting networks  significantly simplify our lives, allowing us to feel safe even at night. In addition, they create a unique atmosphere, delighting us with the aesthetic appearance of night landscapes. Lighting is needed in households, street lighting, etc. However, it is also extremely important to illuminate the production premises, ie the places where people work.  

Why is it so important to have modern, and most importantly, well-designed and customized lighting of industrial premises?

First, the technically correct lighting system ensures the safety of people when performing production processes at enterprises. Color, brightness and, most importantly, the type of lighting are crucial in compliance with occupational safety at the enterprise

Secondly, the quality of the lighting system at the enterprise directly affects the health of workers, and of course, their productivity.

Installation of lighting network - a necessary requirement of current legislation, which must be complied with by all private and municipal institutions. After all, as mentioned above, we are talking not only about beauty, but also about the safety of the surrounding space. And before choosing a contractor, we recommend that you familiarize yourself in more detail with the principle of design and construction of lighting networks.

Stages of construction of lighting networks

  • Installation of lighting poles and lamps;

  • Suspension of wires (SIP);

  • Arrangement of cable lines;

  • Installation of means of automation of work of lighting system;

  • Adjustment works.

Also, our company performs design and construction of power lines, solar and wind power plants, as well as other electrical work.  

Why the construction of lighting networks should be entrusted to VOLTAGE

  1. Since its inception (2009), Voltage Group has focused on the construction of power lines and lighting networks.

  2. We perform all turnkey facilities: operation can begin immediately after the completion of construction work

  3. We have experience in performing extremely complex work in 330 kV networks.

  4. We are one of the key players in the Ukrainian energy market. We are trusted by such companies as Roshen Confectionery Corporation, ViOil Industrial Group, Smart Holding Industrial Investment Group (Vin Pellet project), Barlinek and many others.


Voltage Group has been implementing energy projects for 12 years, offering professional and safe solutions to its customers. Therefore, trusting the construction of the lighting network to us, you can be 100% sure of the high quality of work performed.

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