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Implemented project by VOLTAGE: 110/10 kV transformer substation

The success of modern companies in the future depends on the decisions they make today. The energy component of the manufacturing enterprise operation is not an exception. The issue of availability and cost of energy resources has become extremely important nowadays in the conditions of the energy crisis. Voltage Group takes care of energy-efficient solutions for its customers in all aspects.

A clear example of such support was the construction of a new 110/10 kV transformer substation for one of the production enterprises in Ukraine.

It all started when the enterprise had to increase the electricity consumption due to the growth of production capacity, and it was important to obtain a reliable power supply.

The construction of such an energy facility provides the enterprise with a high class of power supply reliability from 110 kV electrical networks and makes it possible to increase its production capacity. Connecting the consumer to the voltage class of 27.5 kV and above is the main advantage for enterprises that consume significant amounts of electricity. A significant reduction in costs for the distribution of electrical energy will be reached by switching the consumer from the 2nd class of electricity consumption to the 1st.

As part of the project implementation, VOLTAGE GROUP calculated the monthly electricity consumption before and after the enterprise increased the production capacity. We made a technical and economic calculation taking into account the difference in tariffs for the distribution of electricity between the 1st and 2nd class of consumption, offering the most suitable solutions to optimize a project. A financial analysis of the investment payback period, which made up 2.5 years, was carried out.

Reconstruction of the customer's existing electrical networks was made, project documentation was developed, and a full scope of construction, installation, and commissioning works for the new 110/10 kV transformer substation was performed.

Using the 110 kV equipment of one of the world's leading manufacturers (ABB) we received the most technological solutions for this project. This makes it possible to be sure of trouble-free operation and reliability of power supply, which is extremely important for the conditions of this production enterprise.

Today, the company that invested in this project receives power from 110 kV networks. Except for reliability, this significantly reduces the financial burden of paying for electricity and creates a competitive advantage for the production of the best products.



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