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New VOLTAGE project: 110/10 kV substation

VOLTAGE GROUP has developed design documentation for the construction of a substation substation PS1 10/10 kV in Vinnytsia region. This project was implemented as part of the development of one of the leading manufacturing enterprises in the region.

In particular, the engineering staff of the company performed the following works:

Preparatory stage:

· Execution of technical and economic calculations for selection of the optimum scheme of power supply of the enterprise, substantiation of technical decisions by financial indicators.

· Assistance to the customer in choosing a land plot for placement of 110/10 kV substation taking into account all technical requirements for this type of facilities, and the specifics of the location of the enterprise.

· Support in obtaining urban planning conditions and restrictions.

· Technical support of the Customer in obtaining technical conditions (TC) for connection to electrical networks from the Operator of distribution systems (DSO), and coordination of all related procedures.

· Ensuring the receipt of all necessary initial data (engineering and geodetic and geological surveys, data on the modes of operation of the adjacent power grid, etc.).

· Development and coordination of the Terms of Reference for design with DSO and TSO.

Development of project design documentation:

· Implementation of all design decisions of 110/10 kV substations and 110 kV measures (GP, AB, ETR, RZA, TM and others)

· EIA project development - environmental impact assessment.

The project documentation executed by VOLTAGE GROUP passed the procedure of coordination with all necessary instances and received the positive conclusion of the State examination.

A construction permit has been obtained and the process of building a transformer substation is underway.

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