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The construction of any energy facility always begins with the design. This is an important step that allows you to calculate all possible risks, as well as significantly increase the efficiency factor of the facility. Also, the safety of the operation of the completed object directly depends on the quality of design work. Therefore, this stage cannot be neglected, and the design of OHPL and cable lines should be trusted only to reliable EPC contractors.

Which contractor can be considered as reliable?

Comprehensive approach to work

An integrated approach allows not only to take into account all possible details but also significantly save time and money. By entrusting OHPL and cable lines design, construction and installation work, and maintenance to one company, you save time for looking at different contractors.

Has experience in performing work of different complexity

Our company has experience of successful performance of works of various complexity, including supercomplicated works in 330 kV networks. That is why you can be sure that at the design stage we will take into account all possible details: from the development of the technical task to engineering research.

The more experience a contractor has, the more guarantees he can give. For example, our company has been designing and building 0,4 - 110 kV overhead lines for over 11 years.


Customer feedback

When choosing whom to entrust the design of overhead power lines, be sure to pay attention to customer feedback. This will help you assess the level of quality of the services provided and whether you can contact this contractor in your case.

VOLTAGE meets all the above criteria. We have been taking a comprehensive approach to implementing energy projects for over 11 years. That is why we are chosen by such large-scale companies as Roshen Confectionery Corporation, ViOil Industrial Group and others.

We are a reliable EPC contractor who is worth trusting, who can perform not only design work but also all the necessary electrical work.

Services for the development of OHPL and cable lines projects that we provide:

  • Development of technical task (determination of the main parameters of OHPL and KL - line length, a cross-section of wires and cables, planned loads, types of supports, cables, insulating fittings, etc.);
    • Carrying out engineering surveys (geological, geodetic, hydrological, ecological and meteorological);
    • Development of project documentation (stages "P", "R" and "RP");
    • Examination of project documentation, approval by the customer.

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