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Connection to the grid - is the final stage of construction, after which you can start operating the facility. It is important that this stage was carried out in accordance with current legal requirements, with the implementation of all necessary design and construction works. Only then the energy facility will be safe and can be used to cover the needs of the enterprise or farm.

Stages of connection to the power supply network:

1. Submission of an application to the distribution system operator (DSO) on the connection of an electrical installation of a certain capacity to the electrical networks.
2. Obtaining and analyzing the Technical Conditions for grid connection.
3. Signing of the Design Agreement with VOLTAGE according to the received Technical Conditions and the Technical Task for design development.
4. Approval of project documentation with DSO.
5. Signing of the Agreement with VOLTAGE for construction and installation works.
6. Execution of construction and installation and commissioning works.

VOLTAGE services: 

• construction of 0.4-110 kV overhead lines to the connection point;
• construction of 0.4-35 kV cable lines to the connection point;
• installation of new and additional cells of distribution equipment of Transformer Substation and Switchgear.

We also provide the development of relevant project documentation, as well as consulting services to the customer to obtain the necessary permits or manage land issues.

Why connection to external power networks should be trusted to Voltage Group

1. We have been designing and building external electrical networks at enterprises for more than 11 years.
2. We comprehensively carry out projects in the field of energy of any complexity, including 330 kV networks.
3. Since 2011 we have been developing our own design department, which provides engineering services in the field of energy projects.
4. We perform turnkey construction, installation, and design work in the field of energy, providing full control of the entire process of implementation.

Voltage Group is one of the key players in the Ukrainian energy market. When you choose us you can be sure about the best implementation of your project. Our company will quickly and professionally perform design and construction works to connect your facility to the grid, taking into account all construction requirements, current norms, and standards.

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