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Production and installation of control cabinets at the "Krasylivskyi Elevator"

VOLTAGE provided production of control cabinets and performed electrical installation works on the fire pumping station, external fire-fighting water supply system on the object of Production Enterprise "Krasylivskyi elevator", namely:

- Pump station control cabinet (production and installation). This cabinet is designed to automatically start the main / standby pump, control of system failure, control the position of the valves, the pressure of the extinguishing agent and the operating modes of the pumping station, the state of the pumping unit.

- Fire extinguishing control cabinet (production and installation). This cabinet is designed to control the level of extinguishing agent in the tanks, automatic opening of the valves to replenish the tanks, stop the pumping station.

- Cabinet indicating the state of automation of the external fire water supply system (production and installation). This cabinet provides an indication of the operation of the main and backup pumps, no power, the status of automatic control of the main / standby pump, and also provides an indication of possible faults.

- Cabinet of the main switchboard AVR-NS on 125 A.


Location of the object: Khmelnytskyi region.

Project implementation date: 2021

Perhaps you are interested in the VOLTAGE service for the construction of automated process control systems?

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