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O&M - Solar Power Plants Operation & Maintenance Services

One of the most required services by the solar investors nowadays is insuring of sustainable and work of the solar power plant built with achieving of planned indicators of the SPP performance, such Performance Ratio and many others. 

Today O&M services(eng. Operations & Maintenance) became a standalone segment of the solar energy industry. A timely, high level, professional solar power O&M services delivery ensures all stakeholders that all planned financial indicators of the project will be achieved on time.

Solar O&M services:
  • Control Room PV Monitoring
  • Project Performance Data Analysis
  • Field Personnel services
  • Preventive maintenance and testing on equipment and systems based on a schedule or conditional wear monitoring.
  • Corrective maintenance or “breakdown” maintenance where maintenance is initiated on an as-needed basis with alerts from monitoring or reporting
  • Predictive maintenance in solar through the use of monitoring and knowledgebase can identify cost-effective cleaning cycles, pinpoint and speed repairs