More than just Friendship - with Vinnytsia National Technical University

This is the best practice worldwide to have well established relations between higher education institutions and private business. This model proof it efficiency many times. There are many famous success stories when thanks to such cooperation were developed technologies and "know-how" which have changed the world.

Voltage Group and Vinnytsia National Technical University are having friendly, professional relations for many years now. This friendship is based on mutual benefits basis, so everyone feel comfortable in this kind of cooperation. Voltage Group is proud that almost all engineering staff of the Company are graduates from VNTU.

For many years in a row, our Chief Executive Officer - Vitalii Nykolaienko is participating in the state examination session for the bachelor programs of VNTU. This year Vitaliy has become a Head of the State Examination Committee of VNTU.

Vitaliy mentioned, that he is proud of the way our young engineers are educated and the way they have presented their Bachelor Graduation Works.

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