Dmytro Nechyporenko has been re-elected as EUEA Board Member

Today, 18.12.2020, an annual European-Ukrainian Energy Agency General Meeting took place.

Voltage Group has joined the EUEA as a member in 2019. In 2020 Dmytro Nechyporenko has been elected as a Board Member of the EUEA.

Dmytro Nechyporenko, re-elected EUEA Board Member

The Voltage Group Team Congratulate Dmytro on his re-election for the next term as a Board Member.

We have asked Dmytro to share his vision of the EUEA development and his plans as a Board Member for the next 2021 year. His comment provided below:

"The Board of any organisation is responsible for the organisation, and it takes responsibility for the main decisions of the organisation. Especially, the importance of the Board activities increases during the crisis and other difficulties. This is exactly what we have today: "green energy' crisis is ongoing and it doesn't look that it will go away soon.

I know the rule: "You can not improvise during the crisis, but you should have an action plan before the crisis actually happen". Let's say openly, we as the renewable energy industry were not ready for it (!). And this is what we were working on during last year in the EUEA: we were working on the defence of the renewable energy industry in Ukraine.

I should say that we experienced serious problems in many directions last year and the EUEA already works on most of them.

But there are the main directions for the next year I would like to emphasize:

  • We already start fighting back to aggressive media and other types of informational attacks to the green energy industry. We perform pretty well now. The same time, I am sure, we have to continue to develop and empower this direction more next year. Communication or PR strategy can change how the society sees and percept the industry, and we can and shall use all the channels to deliver our messages which often alternative to many others (unfortunately, often negative).

  • We shall monitor the signed Memorandum execution and inform our community, the society and local and international organizations about it; if needed – we will take actions in the way we can act as an Agency. This is so important for our members and for the investment environment of the State in general.

  • We have to work (cooperate) on the development of the new legal frameworks which will allow implementing energy storage and other alternative technologies for the energy system balancing. This is a technical bottleneck for the future renewable energy development, and without solving this issue we will not be able to develop the industry further.

  • As per experts expectations, that this spring we will be having another issue (basically, this exists already, but going it extend) - the renewable energy generation facilities generation curtailment. We have to be ready to work with that as well, and starting preparing for it today.

  • We also have a piece of great news. We have decided to create an internal Hydrogen energy Working Group here in EUEA. We have to study and analyze the market together and define together what can we do with it. How real is it? How feasible it can be? What are the engineering challenges? Too many questions we have to answer in this direction.

These are the main points I would like all of us to concentrate next year".

We wish Dmytro to have a very fruitful and productive year as a Board Member of the EUEA!

EUEA members are the largest companies in the field of renewable energy in Ukraine, which have invested a total of more than 3.5 billion Euro in renewable energy projects.

Among the members of the Agency are the following companies:


- DTEK Renewables

- Scatec Solar

- Eurocape

and many others.

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