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Any power facility, regardless of type, requires periodic service maintenance.

It is carried out in order to:

  • inspection of the condition of the object, the degree of wear of the equipment;

  • to prevent accidents at the enterprise;

  • increasing the efficiency of equipment;

  • planning of preventive operations and control of their implementation;

  • planning of repair works, establishment of duration of their cycles;

  • determining the categories of maintainability of equipment;

  • organization of quality control of repair and maintenance of equipment.

Uninterrupted safe operation of the equipment is impossible without timely maintenance. It is carried out at least twice a year, and if necessary. The frequency of maintenance directly depends on the level of equipment loading. The more often the equipment is operated, the more often it is necessary to carry out maintenance.

Objects on which we carry out service maintenance (MAINTENANCE):

  • Cable lines

  • Overhead lines

  • Transformer substations

  • Automation systems

  • Lighting networks

  • Renewable energy facilities

* Stages of maintenance depend on the type of object and are discussed in advance.

Why maintenance of an energy facility should be entrusted to VOLTAGE

  1. We provide services for the design, construction and maintenance of energy facilities since 2009.

  2. We comprehensively implement projects in the field of energy of any complexity, including experience in performing complex work in 330 kV networks.

  3. We implement modern professional technical solutions, while adhering to all necessary rules, requirements and standards.

  4. We provide maintenance at energy facilities of any type, including renewable energy facilities.

The VOLTAGE company offers high-quality maintenance of the object, according to the current requirements and standards. We guarantee high professionalism, speed and safety of work performed. Therefore, by choosing us, you make the right choice.

Perhaps you are interested in the Energy Audit service from VOLTAGE?

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