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Maintenance is a necessary component of the operation process of any energy facility. It is carried out in order to prevent breakdowns in the enterprise and eliminate their consequences, to monitor the condition of equipment and its proper maintenance in order to improve efficiency. This stage is necessary regardless of the object type, and should be carried out regularly. Only in this case the energy facility will be safe and efficient to use.

Solar power plants are one of the modern, important, and the most environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity. With the rapid growth of installed solar capacity in the world, and in particular in Ukraine, the stability of such power plants is important, not only for their owners but also for the state.

Ensuring the operation of the PV plant in the optimal mode, to achieve the maximum level of electricity generation, is the task of PV plants service department of VOLTAGE.


The maintenance of PV plant includes:

• monitoring of PV plant generation;

• elimination of emergency situations;

• repair and replacement of technological equipment;

• control of the condition of load-bearing metal structures;

• seasonal mowing of grass, landscaping by hand and by mechanical means;

• seasonal cleaning of photovoltaic modules from snow and dust;

• maintenance of engineering networks, buildings, structures, monitoring systems, video surveillance and outdoor lighting;

• control of Complete Transformer Substation operation.


Maintenance is carried out in accordance with the needs of the enterprise, taking into account the current requirements of labor protection. It is recommended to carry out Maintenance at least once every six months.

Why maintenance should be entrusted to the Voltage Group

1. We carry out maintenance of energy facilities of any complexity, including renewable energy facilities

2. We provide all necessary services for maintenance of facilities: warranty, postwarranty, current and regulated maintenance and repair of energy facilities.

3. Our company provides maintenance at a professional level, complying with all applicable norms and standards.

4. We have a certified electrical measuring laboratory for measurements and tests with the issuance of protocols.


Timely maintenance will save you from possible negative consequences, as well as significantly increase the efficiency of technical equipment.

Trusting the Voltage Group, you make the right choice. Our company guarantees high professionalism, efficiency and compliance of the provided services with the current requirements and standards.

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