top of page published Dmytro Furdyha's expert opinion on the benefits of building power substations

The executive director of Voltage Group, Dmytro Furdyha, was published on the portal, which is one of the TOP-15 media in Ukraine. Its title is "How can a transformer substation save business costs in times of global energy change?"

According to the author, the participants of the Ukrainian energy market today, more than ever, understand that in a situation of rising energy tariffs, it is necessary to look for tools to adapt to global energy challenges. In this context, according to the author, before the top management of enterprises, there are 3 options. "First, it is the construction of solar power plants for their own needs (autonomy and energy efficiency without connection to the grid). Secondly, it is the modernisation of existing power grids (saving energy costs by replacing technically obsolete equipment to improve the quality of electricity and reliability of electricity supply). The third is the construction of additional transformer substations in changing the voltage class of the company's connection to the regional power grids, which reduces the financial burden on electricity at the facility. "

The latter option, according to Dmitry Furdyha, in terms of the customer's desire to have a quick and tangible financial result, is the most rational for companies seeking to expand their production capacity.

The construction of transformer substations, according to the author, is one of the solutions to save energy consumption of enterprises in the context of a possible transition from the 2nd to the 1st voltage class. According to Dmytro Furdyha, this step will reduce the cost of production and create additional competitive advantages.

The author notes that the construction of turnkey transformer substations is a clear algorithm in which customers appreciate cost optimisation and alternatives at each of its stages.

It is worth noting that each of these has its own specific "nuances" and a number of issues that Voltage Group with 12 years of experience is able to comprehensively address.

According to Dmytro Furdyha, the payback period of such a project is 3 years. In the context of further projected global growth in electricity prices, this figure, according to the author, will decrease and "become more and more" attractive "for optimising the energy consumption of Ukrainian industrial business."



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