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Solar power plants - one of the most promising areas of energy development. The so-called "clean energy" is beneficial not only from an environmental but also from an economic point of view.  

Renewable energy facilities are advantageous to build for a number of reasons:

  • Support from the state, which guarantees loyal tariffs for electricity and provides opportunities for its implementation.

  • From an economic point of view: the sun generates 15,000 times more electricity each year than humanity can consume.

  • From a public point of view: today more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, preferring environmentally friendly goods and services. Thus, in the future in 40-50 years the share of renewable energy will reach 90%.

Therefore, if you are thinking about designing and building a solar power plant, we would recommend you not to hesitate. These investments will definitely pay off in the long run.

Stages of PV plant design:

  • Collection of initial data;

  • Planning of photovoltaic modules on the construction area;

  • Development of technical solutions for the arrangement of DC and AC networks;

  • Development of technical solutions for the arrangement of the grounding circuit;

  • Development of technical solutions for the arrangement of the solar power plant monitoring system;

  • Development of the design of the fastening system for photovoltaic modules;

  • Development of technical solutions for connecting of PV plant to existing customer networks or to Distribution System Operator networks at the output by the green tariff;

  • Development of cost estimate documentation.

The PV project design documentation includes the following documents:

  • Explanatory note

  • General plan

  • Architectural and construction solutions

  • Electrical solutions

  • Metal structures

Why PV plant design should be entrusted to VOLTAGE

  1. We provide services not only in design but also in the construction of PV plants,     looking for investors and co-investors in renewable energy projects.

  2. Our company is accredited by the State Eco-Bank as an EPC contractor for the construction of solar power plants in Ukraine.

  3. We are developing the renewable energy market in Ukraine together with international partners. 

  4. We take a comprehensive approach to the implementation of energy projects of any complexity.

Since 2016, Voltage Group's activities are fully focused on the design and construction of renewable energy projects. Today we are one of the industry leaders in the Ukrainian market. This means that by entrusting the design of solar power plants to us, you are making the right choice. Working with our company, you can be 100% sure that you are investing your money properly.

We will design PV plant at the highest level, implementing modern professional technical solutions, in compliance with applicable norms, rules, and standards.

If you are interested in learning more about construction of solar power plants, you can follow this link.

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