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The sun gives 15,000 times more energy each year than humanity can consume. Thus, solar electricity is beneficial not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic one. The construction of solar power plants will save significant electricity costs in the future and contribute to the restoration of the planet's ecosystem.

Solar power plants in Ukraine: prospects and future

In 2008, Ukraine joined the program of development of alternative energy sources, adopting in 2009 the law on "green tariff". This means that any citizen can use renewable electricity not only for their own needs, but also to earn money on it. This is another reason why you should buy solar power plants.

In addition, solar power plants have become much more affordable in the last few years, and at the same time significantly modernized. Today, our company can offer any customer great solutions at an affordable price.

* Solar panels - This is not a whim of wealthy people, but a trend that sets the vector of development of the energy sector. Gradually, humanity will switch completely to renewable energy sources, and only we decide when to do so.

Which involves the construction of solar power plants

  • Site preparation for construction (vertical planning, clearing of trees and bushes);

  • Arrangement of the bases under a metalwork of photomodules;

  • Installation of equipment (photomodules, inverters, KTP);

  • Installation of SES fence;

  • Installation of monitoring, video surveillance and outdoor lighting systems;

  • Adjustment works.


It is possible to build both under the "green tariff" and for own consumption.

How do solar power plants work in industrial enterprises?

The principle of operation of the solar panel is very simple: it provides the object with energy in daylight, while the sun is shining. If the received energy is not enough to meet the needs of the enterprise - it is taken from the external network.

The volume of electricity replacement, depending on the nature of consumption, is 70-90% in the spring - autumn period, and 15-20% in the autumn - winter period, approximately for the year - is 30-50%.

It is possible to build such a solar power plant in 1-2 months, and it will start saving money from the first minutes of operation.

  1. Benefits:

  • Low cost of electricity

  • Does not require obtaining new technical conditions in oblenergo

  • Reducing dependence on energy companies

  • Lack of fixed operating costs

  • Savings from the first minutes of the station

  • Environmental friendliness


Who is it suitable for?

  1. Warehousing and logistics centers

  2. Production enterprises

  3. Business centers

  4. Airports and railway stations

  5. Shopping centers

  6. Agricultural and processing enterprises

  7. Hypermarkets / supermarkets / shops

  8. Hotels

  9. Restaurants


Why the construction of solar panels should be entrusted to VOLTAGE

  1. We carry out all turnkey projects, guaranteeing professionalism and safety.

  2. The company's activities since 2016 are entirely focused on the design and construction of renewable energy facilities. Today, Voltage Group is one of the main leaders in this field.

  3. We offer not only construction, but also complex investment projects for investors.

  4. Voltage Group is accredited by the State Eco-Bank Ukrgasbank as one of the largest EMF contractors in Ukraine


By trusting the design and construction of Voltage Group solar power plants, you make the right choice. We guarantee high quality regardless of the scale and complexity of the project.

You may also be interested in the VOLTAGE service for the maintenance of solar power plants  or service for servicing other power facilities ?

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