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Vitalii Nykolaienko was a speaker at the Energy Forum

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

“When we think of energy innovations, we often mean the emergence of certain new products, devices or equipment. However, we pay much less attention to the relationships between such elements of the energy system. Existing equipment, or what will be installed, can be used in different ways. As well as can use the allocated investment funds of distribution system operators (DSO), which have so far been able to improve the quality of their electricity networks. I support the RAB tariff, but I cannot say for sure that the introduction of such tariffs is effectively used by all distribution system operators. The largest loss of electricity occurs in 0.4 kV networks, most of which are in the DSO. ” – Vitaly Nikolaienko noted during the speech at the discussion panel of the Forum.

On its Facebook page, the Energy Club announced that on September 8, Kyiv hosted a forum “Hot Autumn: How to Make Tariffs Economically Sound for DSO and TSO in Ukraine?”, Organized by the Energy Club. The partners of the event were the Association of Energy Suppliers and the largest in Ukraine manufacturer of cable and wire products PJSC “Odeskabel”. This year’s autumn-winter period will not be easy, the invited experts agreed. ”

We invite you to watch the video of Vitaliy Nikolaienko’s full speech at the Forum – Hot Autumn: how to make tariffs economically justified for DSO and USP in Ukraine?

VOLTAGE has completed the design and all construction and installation works for the installation of a solar power plant for one of the office centers in Vinnytsia.



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