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VOLTAGE representatives took part in a working meeting with the Vinnytsia mayor

Today, May 20, 2021, members of the Vinnytsia Business People Club met with Vinnytsia Mayor Serhiy Morgunov. At the beginning of the meeting, the mayor reported on how the city has acted since the beginning of the pandemic, what challenges it has faced and how it has acted in critical conditions with the rapid growth of Covid-19 in 2020-21.

Of course, the consequences of lockdown and other quarantine restrictions did not go unnoticed by most entrepreneurs in Vinnytsia. It was about the problems faced by Vinnytsia business and what ways to recover the fastest that was discussed during the meeting.

Dmytro Nechyporenko, Director of Business Development and Strategy, represented Voltazh Group at the meeting. Dmytro Vitaliyovych raised an extremely important topic that concerns all entrepreneurs of Vinnytsia without exception - the problem of staffing enterprises. In his opinion, the outflow of qualified personnel to major cities of Ukraine and abroad is one of the biggest risks of business development in the next few years, which means that it is a potential problem for sustainable development and the city itself. "Today we understand that we are losing in the communication struggle to attract young professionals. Last year students often choose the easy way to earn money quickly in the nearest EU countries by going for simple jobs such as glueing packing boxes and so on. And all because they simply do not know that in Vinnytsia there are already a number of companies in various industries that can offer interesting work with really decent working conditions in their hometown without the need to leave a small homeland, family, etc. As a step towards overcoming such an openly negative situation, Dmytro Nechyporenko proposed to develop a permanent marketing and communication campaign to inform Vinnytsia residents, and especially young people, about employment opportunities in Vinnytsia and the benefits of such a choice.

The meeting was businesslike and constructive. Further work should be done to implement all the ideas developed during the meeting with the mayor.

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